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ClampMaster Dvoj-osé samostané stoly k vysekávačkám.
Príslušenstvo Samostatne stojaci stôl ClampMaster ’ 2-osí je vhodné riešenie na dierovanie, ak zákazník nevyužíva výhody CNC vysekávačky, rep. nemá finančné prostriedky na finančne náročnú vysekávačku . Pracovná plocha stola je v ose X 1250 mm a v ose Y 700 mm s presnosťou polohovania +0,1 mm. Stôl obsahuje 2 automatické úchytky. ClampMaster je dodávaný NC systémom K210 s kapacitou až 225 programov resp. 800 krokov, alebo CNC systémom M9100.


Linear rail and CNC controlled positioning tables

2 axis CNC-controlled positioning tables
  • No marking out before punching required.
  • Distance between holes is always correct, even when plates are not square or the batch of plates vary in size.
  • When plates fitted on site they always fit.
  • Due to 'user friendly' control it is ideal for large or small batches of plates.
Punching of plates, flat steel, in the web of channel and on the flange of channel and I-beams. The punching of the web in channel is effected with the flanges up and by using extended length punches. The table is delivered complete with servo-motor and 2 axis measuring system, and is equipped with an easy to operate Robosoft K210 (or optional M600) control.
Especially advantageous is the repeatable accuracy when manufacturing repeat batches and accuracy even for one-offs.
The use of labour intensive manual layout is no longer required and possible operator error is eliminated. The workpiece is pushed to the CNC controlled stop, after punching the stop goes to the next position.
Semi-Automatic CNC Table Travel:
  • 500x1000
  • 500x1500
  • 500x2000
  • 500x2500
  • 500x3000
The CNC controlled positioning table can be fitted to all Kingsland steelworkers and punching machines with 625mm deep throat.
Working area - Lateral stop (X-axis): 1,005mm. Bit stop (Y-axis): 505mm. Positioning accuracy: ±0,1mm

Simple X and Y axes co-ordinate programming


The K210 Controller

The K210 Controller is very simple and operator friendly to use. Just enter the X and Y-axis co-ordinates and start. There are no G codes to remember, anyone can learn to use this control in minutes. DNC software can be supplied with the controller, so that you can connect it to a PC and save and load as many programmes as you want.

The optional M600 Controller

The optional M600 Controller with a 9" LCD screen, using standard ISO codes, it is possible to carry out linear, square, rectangular, circular and circle arts of any size of opening requested in the punching process. The workpiece with its programmed hole pattern is graphically simulated on the screen.